If You Had a Magic Wand…

Do you ever give yourself permission to dream? I mean really be still, pray and spend time seeking Him and the higher things that He has for your life – His goals for you?  I would suggest that, in order to start on the path to being focused on the right thing at the right time, we need to be sure that it’s the right thing!

The first step in our search for peace and effectiveness is to answer the question, “What should I be focused on right NOW, in THIS season of my life?”

It is not enough to be busy…The question is:  What are we busy about? – Henry David Thoreau

Where does God want your focus?

Here are some places to start:

  1. Where has He put you? Whatever He has give you, He is asking you to steward (Matthew 25:14-30).  Has he given you a home? A family? A job? Students? A calling?  That is where He has you right now and being a good steward of those responsibilities would be on your list.
  2. What passions has He placed on your heart? I believe that God gives us passions and interests for a reason. Seek out what you love to spend time doing, or people you enjoy spending time with. What things do you work on and lose track of time? That’s called flow. And it is a specific gift!  Accept it and use it.
  3. There is one gift that He gives exactly the same to each and every one of us. The gift of time each day. We each are given 24 hours a day. I believe He puts us on this earth for His purposes. What are you doing with your gift of time?
  4. You have the gift of a body. It’s the only one you’ll ever get here on earth. How do you believe that God wants you to care for it?

Now I’m going to ask you to do something.

I’d like you to schedule at least an hour (or preferably 2-3) of uninterrupted time on your calendar in the next week to spend time praying and thinking about this. Then come back and finish reading. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

I’m waiting…

Did you put it on your calendar? Really?  Good.

Spend that time that you set aside praying, dreaming, and thinking about those areas that were mentioned above.  You could go for a walk, but spend at least the last 30 minutes of your time in a place that you can write your thoughts.

During this time, ask yourself these questions:

If I could wave a magic wand and change my life over the course of the next year, what would be different?

  • Would I change how I steward my gifts of family, home, or work?
  • Would I take time to pursue my passions and interests for His glory?
  • Would I change how I spend my time?
  • Would my body be different? Would it be more fit? Would I have more energy?

Write down your thoughts in a journal, in Evernote, in a journal app, or someplace that it won’t get lost. DON’T write it on a piece of looseleaf paper that can be lost in a pile!

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