New Year Resolution

Don’t Put Away ALL of Your Gifts This Year

Are you putting away your Christmas gifts? Be careful when you reach under that tree. I found an unhappy surprise on our tree skirt as I was reaching under there this year – a black widow spider. Yes, we do live in Wild America, but we’re still amazed by some of our encounters with the wildlife out here.

As you put away Christmas gifts this year, why not consider another kind of gift that you have been given?

The kind that isn’t wrapped under the tree or ordered from Amazon. The kind that will not rust, be destroyed, or become obsolete. The kind that poisonous spiders can’t hide among.

What are YOUR unique gifts? What is it that has been placed on your heart to do or learn or experience in this season of your life? What is it that you would like to do even if you weren’t being paid to do it? Those are precious gifts and worthy of some thought and attention.

In order to move in the right direction, we must first take stock and evaluate how we arrived where we are now.

The best goals that I’ve ever set – and actually achieved – were born from examining the past.   How would you rate 2017 in how you developed your gifts? Did you take time to learn or do something that you feel passionate about?

Did you steward your gifting this year? If you could wave a magic wand to go back and spend just a little consistent time on your gift last year, how would that look? Where would you be now?

Make THAT your New Year’s Resolution.

We cannot continue to pour into others when our own pitchers are empty. It may not be the season for you to launch a new business or write that book or go back to school. But I don’t believe that God ever wants us to ignore the passions He’s placed on our hearts. He put that flame there because He has plans and a purpose for it.

So what can you do in just a few minutes a day to move your dream forward?

Make a list of 4-6 simple actions you can take to get the ball rolling. Take advantage of the moment and schedule them or better yet do the first one NOW.

If you get creative in carving out the space and just take one small step at a time, you may be amazed at where you find yourself this time next year.

Oh, and do be careful when you reach under that tree! You never know what might be lurking there.

What will you do TODAY to develop your gift? Leave a comment and let me know!