Why Wait Until January? Start Your Declutter Now!

 Excess things not only clutter our homes, they clutter our minds—making us too distracted or overwhelmed to think clearly and accomplish anything.   – Francine Jay in Miss Minimalist

Do you get the urge to clean out closets, drawers, and cabinets in January?  All of the Christmas decorations, while I enjoy them, begin to make me feel cramped and confined after a few weeks.  Clear horizontal spaces are what I crave.  There is no room to think, no room to work, just no room.

This year I was inspired by a friend to start clearing clutter earlier than usual.  I figured if she – with all nine of her children at home – could find ten minutes a day to declutter, surely I could.

Does ten minutes a day really make a difference?


I’ve cleaned out 7 drawers, a cabinet and my linen closet.  These places most needed the clearing and now it makes me smile to open them.  I know what I have in there and I can find what I need quickly.

I think opening a drawer cluttered with stuff I don’t use, need, or love makes me, in some sense, feel that my life is full of stuff that I don’t use, need, or love.  It makes my thinking cluttered.  Perhaps just cleaning some of our clutter can make us feel that there is space in our lives for the best things like relationships, learning new things, and just being.

Why start now with Christmas almost here?

There is no time like the present.  In just ten minutes a day you can get a head start on some clear spaces in the New Year.  Why not start with the Christmas decorations?  Walk around your house and ask yourself if you love each of those decorations.  If you don’t, why are you pulling them out, putting them away, and storing them every year?  Bless someone else with them now and you’ll have less to put away after Christmas.

1.  Letting go of things is freeing.

Releasing things we don’t need or love is makes us feel lighter and more efficient.  We can bless others while lightening our mood and reducing the number of things we have to clean, maintain, and move around.

2.  Decluttering is contagious.

After a couple of drawers, I began to gain momentum.  I started to naturally think about other areas and began to make decisions on what I could part with.  Instead of dreading tackling that closet, I am excited to get to that last shelf and see if I can finish it in my ten minutes today.

3.  Clearing out changes our thinking.

I begin to think that I DO have room in my life to follow my dreams.  It starts me thinking that I do have time to start up an exciting project in 2018.  Then my thoughts turn to other things in  my life that I want to clean up – the apps on my phone, the bookmarks in my browser, or the stuff on my schedule that is no longer helping me to walk in my calling.

4.  Clear spaces give us room to think and work.

Your home is a living space, not a storage space.  – Miss Minimalist

That once-a-month cooking project now seems doable.  Maybe I CAN clear my closet and try that capsule wardrobe system I’ve been pondering.

5.  Decluttering ten minutes a day is an easy win.

You set yourself up for success by spending just a few minutes cleaning out a small space.  Psychologically, it can give you a confidence boost and a “win” that may encourage you to tackle tougher projects.

Who knew that ten minutes a day could accomplish so much?  I think the key is overcoming the inertia and fear that it will be too hard, that it won’t be any better when you’re done, or that there is not enough space.

Don’t let the fear that there is not enough – time, space, or creativity – stop you from taking charge of your stuff.

Now set a timer on your phone for ten minutes and open a drawer.  It just might be the jump-start of a fantastic 2018!

Want more inspiration?  Try my favorite January read, Miss Minimalist by Francine Jay.  Since I read it every year, at only $2.99 it’s perhaps the best money I’ve ever spent on a book.  It’s sure to help you find those clear spaces you crave.


P.S.  If you’re curious, my friend that I mentioned in this post runs a blog on large family living.  Check out the Perfectly Imperfect Club!


  1. Love this! It makes me so accomplished to have less stuff just sitting in closets and drawers. I do try to de-clutter often – just wish I could get my kids on board with this! Way TOO many stuffed animals!

    1. Yes! Kid clutter is a tough one. So is husband clutter 😉 I just have to tell myself to focus on decluttering my own stuff. And there is plenty of work to do there! Thanks for reading!

  2. I will declutter at least one drawer this week! I love this!

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