Are you ready to commit to a healthier future, but need some accountability and guidance along the way?  Do you need help finding your motivation to build a healthier lifestyle?  I’m here to help when change is hard.

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Health for the Holidays


Give Yourself the Gift of Health this Year!

  • Personalized support with food, movement, stress-management, and sleep to keep your jeans from getting tight and your goals on track
  • Motivation to stick to your health goals without giving up the holiday fun!
  • Planning for your 2021:  a new year of more energy, better moods, higher productivity, and improved immunity
  • A vision of what a healthy 2021 means for you!


  • 3 months of health coaching services, starting from date of first booking
  • Usually scheduled every week in the first 2-3 weeks, then every other week
  • Functional Medicine tools to help you with your specific goals
  • Bonus:  Email and message support using Practice Better

Note:  This package expires on January 4th.

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100 Day Transformation


Food is information

Commit to a 100 day health journey to uncover your health potential

Together we’ll create…

  • A personalized food plan from the Institute for Functional Medicine (or Autoimmune Protocol, Wahls’ Protocol, or Paleo if you prefer)
  • Movement goals designed to encourage you to be active in ways you ENJOY to give you the motivation to get moving
  • Strategies to help you manage stress and nourish your mental and emotional health
  • Small changes that will increase your sleep quality and quantity and elevate your energy, cognitive function, and physical health


  • 90 minute Initial Consultation (Week 1)
  • 2 – 50 minute sessions  (Weeks 2-3)
  • Weekly 30 minutes sessions or biweekly 50 minute sessions (Weeks 4-14)

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Elimination Diet


Do you suspect that you have sensitivities to certain foods like gluten, dairy, or nightshades?  Would you like to know for sure how your body reacts to these foods?  This program will support you in finding out, using the Institute for Functional Medicine’s Elimination Diet.

  • 8 Week program of real food with real variety
  • NO hunger or counting calories required!
  • Add in suspected foods one at a time after the elimination phase
  • Support in tracking symptoms and reactions
  • Program includes 3 food challenges (e.g. gluten, diary, nightshades, legumes, grains, etc.)


  • 2 – 50 minute sessions in weeks 1 & 2
  • 5 – 30 minute sessions for the 5 weeks of food challenging (1 week of challenge, 1 week of elimination to normalize baseline)

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Custom Package


We can also work together to create your own personalized package based on your goals and preferences.  Contact me for a free consultation to get started on your personalized plan.



Note:  All sessions are held via phone, Zoom, or Practice Better video chat unless we discuss another option prior to booking.